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Deana Nassar

Deana Nassar is a published writer. As a mother of four, in her home she’s the sole expert on all things related to marriage, children’s psychology, motherhood and creative survival. She loves charity work, reading and writing poetry, and is mostly known for writing articles discussing family and social issues, faith, freedom, and purpose that comes through God. She can be reached at [email protected]

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Searching for Spirituality in Prayer? - About Islam

Searching for Spirituality in Prayer?

Too many of us have sadly become slaves to the habit of praying, doing so in a mechanical and thoughtless manner, and it’s this thoughtlessness which differentiates those who have grasped the concept of complete submission to those who yes have submitted and prayed but have let their thoughts wonder elsewhere.


Surrender: The Pens Have Been Lifted - About Islam

Surrender: The Pens Have Been Lifted

It is this strong faith which can keep us focused on the fact that God alone controls all destinies and has ultimate power over all things. Remembering that fact alone at the moment of affliction can help us in conquering the pain and provide the hope and the energy needed to keep moving forward.


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