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Chantal Blake is a freelance writer, instructor for Deepening the Feminine Connection, and plant-based consultant based in Muscat, Oman.  She has lived and travelled abroad with her family for nearly a decade and archives her published work

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5 Habits to Better Manage and Look Forward to Your Period

5 Habits to Better Manage Your Period

Even though it happens on a monthly basis for most, menstruation has a way of catching women off guard. Premenstrual symptoms, such as irritability, bloating, or cravings seem to rise inexplicably out of nowhere! Then there is that “aha” moment when the period actually begins and it all starts to make sense. Every discomfort connected …


The Five Rs to Living a Zero Waste Life Challenge

The Five Rs to Living a Zero Waste Life Challenge

When did thethree Rs of environmentalism become five? And isn’t a zero waste life something only radicals do? Nope, you can easily challenge yourself to zero waste living and will definitely find some peace in the lifestyle. Imagine a day with no trash to take out or recyclables to sort. Not a single little wrapper …


First Period Talk

First Period Talk – 9 Things I Told My Daughter

Women are inadequately taught abouttheir bodies, and the older I get the more frustrating I find this problem. The piecemeal education we receive from our society, culture, and parents teaches us to normalize pain or medicalize the solution. As a result, many of us are fully grown in our bodies yet still trying to figure …


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