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Muslim Doctors Volunteer to Work on Xmas - About Islam

Muslim Doctors Volunteer to Work on Xmas

TORONTO – Every Christmas, Dr. Firas Al-Rawi volunteers to work on December 25 to give his Christian colleagues a chance to enjoy the holiday with their families. “We all cover shifts for one another … we take care of each other,” Dr. Firas Al-Rawi, a Muslim emergency room physician who will be working on Christmas, …


Eye on Al-Quds City: History & Heritage - About Islam

Eye on Al-Quds City: History & Heritage

Al-Quds, which in Arabic means the Abode of Holiness, is a sacred city to the three Abrahamic faiths (Islan, Christianity and Judaism) Over the past years, the city has grown in space and therefore, the modern Al-Quds, or Jerusalem, does include the holy places; Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock Mosque, the Church of …


Top navigation apps for Hajj pilgrims

Top Navigation Apps for Hajj Pilgrims

During the once-in-a-lifetime experience of hajj, the pilgrims are being advised to install navigation applications which are very useful in locating the pilgrims and their tents even without internet connection. Here are top four apps in 2017 to help guide pilgrims through the Hajj rituals. Hajj Navigator This app will give the pilgrims precise directions …


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