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7 Inspiring Hadiths to Empower Yourself

Overcome your nafs by engaging in constant purification. Be conscious of the inclination of the soul and what it can cause. Do not give in to its every whim and desire, rather stand upon true guidance.

"Why Are Muslims So Backward?" A Youth Wonders

"Why Are Muslims So Backward?" A Youth Wonders

The other day a young man came to me in the MSA and asked me a very difficult question. Like many people of our generation, he was struggling to make sense of what is happening in the world today; why the Muslim world was always in the news, typically in a negative manner? His question …

5 Lessons From the Story of the Youth in the Cave

5 Lessons From the Story of the Youth of the Cave

The story of the youth of the cave signifies love of the best kind and shows how the youth had a commitment to such love by seeking to earn the pleasure of the beloved, Allah before taking pleasure in His creations.

Muslims Lauded for Ending Crime in Norwegian City

KRISTIANSAND, Norway – Thanks to a neighborhood watch program launched by Muslims, organized gang crime among young people has almost stopped, according to the local police in the city of Kristiansand, Vest-Agder County in southernmost Norway, Sputnik News reported on Thursday. “We tell the youngsters that fighting is not tough,” said Talal Haydar, the chairman of …

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why are young Muslims so unhappy today? In a time full of difficulties and challenges facing Muslims almost everywhere, it is critical to pay attention to the youth’s morale and find out the real reasons behind the widespread sense of dissatisfaction. How do the ways adopted by Western Muslim parents in raising their kids exasperate …

10 Important Lessons for Every Youth

10 Important Lessons For Every Youth

Here are 10 important lessons from the advice of Luqman to improve your life. Lesson 1. On Servitude. Serve only Allah. True servitude is due to Him alone. Strive to serve Him with your mind, body and soul.

How to Encourage My Teen Siblings Into Deen?

In this counseling answer: •Never give up on du’a. Ultimately Allah is the only one who can guide them on the straight path, so continue to make du’a to Allah and ask Him to guide you and use you as a tool to assist them. •Continue to be a good influence in front of them. As the older sibling/cousin, …

10 Things to Know About the Prophet's Grandchildren

10 Things to Know About the Prophet's Grandchildren

They were both cared for and mentored by the Prophet from childhood in faith, character and morals. He loved them and they loved him too. He would always reassure them of his deep love and made sincere supplications for them. They were raised among a close and loving family fold.

7 Long Lasting Remedies For Muslim Youth

7 Long Lasting Remedies For Youthful Stress

We all experience stress from time to time, and it is good to remember that stress is simply the body’s way of responding to the changes in life. Yet whether these changes are positive or negative, the resulting stress can still bring about feelings that can affect your state of mind, body, and even health.

Forced to Marry Someone You Don't Like? Here is What to Do

Forced to Marry Someone I Don't Like... What to Do?

Are you being forced to marry someone you don’t like? Unfortunately, some families don’t care about their children marriage preferences. But, Islam does not accept forced marriage. If either of the persons involved is unhappy with the set up, they hold the right of rejecting the proposal. Nonetheless, forced marriages continue happening all over the world. So, …

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