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I know this age is especially hard for us as young, but when we come to prohibited things let’s remember the situation of the man in the story

Sins are Attacking Me – How to Protect Myself?

It is hard to be young in this time. Sins weigh me down everywhere; they attack me directly and they are really attractive and addicting. My circle of friends, my school environment, the immoral videos and films even in my pocket. Sins attack me everywhere…

Marriage at a Young Age: Love or Impulse

Marriage at a Young Age: Love or Impulse?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so much for sending your question and trying to seek knowledge. We pray that you are calm now and the distress that was sensed through your words have now calmed down a bit. We also pray that Allah (SWT) would expand your chest, descend peace and serenity upon your heart and …

Besides attending taraweeh during Ramadan, and jumuah prayers on a weekly basis, parents and community leaders should facilitate programs and accommodations at the masjid that welcome young Muslims.

Six Ways to Bring Youth Back to the Masjid

In order to attract Muslim (and non-Muslim) youth to a masjid or Islamic center, it has to be a place where they are made to feel not just welcome, but also valued for who they are, for example through what they can offer in terms of time and services as a human resource.

I stopped caring so much about what others were thinking of me. It was hard but I felt more confident. I loved the way I looked in my scarf and I still do. Alhamdulillah!

I Could See the Truth at 15

Since I have become a Muslim, I feel so lucky. I have more friends. And these are real friends. I have also realized the kind of person I really am and the beauty that God has granted me. Now, I am happy with the way I look.

We need to quash the roots of this disease of extremist radicalism if you may, but as mentioned earlier beginning with ourselves is key.

How to Root out Extremism?

By explaining to our children that any extremist line of thought does not serve our religion but damage it and for that we will be held accountable similar to ISIS today

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