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son, hate

My Son Hates Me

 In this counseling answer: •You need not take any sudden or harsh steps to correct him, but you must at least remind him each time he tells you he hates you that this is not a nice thing to say. •He needs to know that his mother and father care for him and that no …

My Teenager Makes My Life Miserable

In this counseling answer: You and your husband should have a clear plan of action on how you are going to raise your children. •Try to win your son’s heart and become his friends by telling him that you forgive him for his past behavior. •Let him know that no matter what, he can count …

Son, Demands

Cannot Afford the Demands of Our Teen Son

In this counseling answer: •Children are often the barometer for what’s happening in the family, so if the children are having problems of a social, emotional, or psychological nature, it is often due to something that is not working within the larger family system. •Your husband and you need to be on the same page …

Teen son

How to Deal with My Teen Son?

 In this counseling answer: •You are going to have to start treating your son with all his problems and difficulties as a person who is about to become an adult. •Don’t give him any pocket money without some kind of understanding that he has to earn it in some way. •Try to give him his …


A Request For Dating My Daughter!

In this counseling answer: •You have to be able to explain that to your daughter so that this discussion does not become a matter of your being strict or old-fashioned; dating is not permissible for all of eternity. •Help her to understand and appreciate the larger context of the relationship between men and women according to …


How to Guide My Son to Win a Girl’s Heart?

 In this counseling answer: “Help him to understand that Islam encourages love but never allows human beings to transgress beyond the limits set by Allah, which in this case would mean that there can be no premarital relationship.” As-salamu `Alaikum, Thank you for writing to us about your son’s concerns. We appreciate the time you …


Sisterhood Through Hurtful Words

As salamu ‘alaykum  to you too my dear child. You do indeed have a soft heart, and you have every right to try and protect it, but you would not be protecting it by behaving as they do. Getting hurt is just one of those things that help us to become better people as we grow in …

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