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Worship God

What Makes God Worthy of Worship?

Short Answer: God is the ultimate source of all beauty, knowledge, mercy, compassion, love, power, and wisdom. “We are designed for worship…If we don’t think Allah is worthy of praise, admiration and awe, we must think something else or someone else is worthy. Try to think about anyone or anything you’ve ever admired, found beautiful, intelligent, or powerful, in the …

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Why God Commanded Us to Worship Him?

Knowing God, His likes and dislikes, was the essence of what worship meant. As a result, man’s purpose in life was to worship God: to implement His commandments, to do what He liked and to abstain from what He disliked.

The Story of Prophet Abraham - A Call to Monotheism

Here again is an example of Abraham proving true to the trials he faced. His belief in the True God was tested here, and he proved that he was even prepared to surrender his existence to the call of God. His belief was evidenced by his action…

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