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Muslim Children’s Book Authors Promote Positive Identity

NEW YORK – Founded by Nazma Khan in 2013, World Hijab Day has become an annual observance to increase positive identities for Muslim women around the world. Women in over 140 countries take to social media to highlight the diversity of the dynamic women donning the religious scarf and accomplishing phenomenal things. Though the age …

Hijab Made Me Feel Self-Conscious

Hijab Made Me Feel Self-Conscious

Disclaimer: “Hijab” is used in this article to describe the outer appearance of a Muslim woman, specifically headscarf and other clothing. This does not discount the other aspects of hijab for both men and women in Islam. I officially started to wear hijab when I was 13 years old. I’ll admit, it was much easier …

Windsor Hospital Celebrates World Hijab Day

There are booths at Windsor Regional Hospital where people can learn about hijab WINDSOR – Windsor Regional Hospital is celebrating World Hijab Day by hosting booths for women to try the Muslim women attire for one day, CBC reported Friday. “[The hijab] means something different for every single person,” said Lina Chaker, who volunteers with …


How to Gradually Adopt Hijab in the West?

Short Answer: Take the transition phase step by step and seek the support and advice of other sisters who have already been through this transition, and with dua it will be easier inshaAllah. Instead of being worried and stressed, I suggest you rejoice as you are doing something to please Allah (SWT) and obeying His command. …………. Salam Dear …

I’ll Never Wear a Hijab, But I Love the Reasons Why These Women Do

I’ll Never Wear Hijab, But I Love the Reasons Why These Women Do

Growing up, I always valued modesty. My parents raised me to respect myself, and how I dress is certainly a big part of that. But in my mind, to be covered was something people did for others, especially for men. I’ve often been self-conscious about how people view my appearance, but I have slowly grown to remind myself …

The Hijab! Why Do Women Wear It?

Hijab! Why Do Women Wear It?

Sister Aishah answers some very common questions about hijab and why women wear it? Is it really oppression? Are women really forced to wear it? This is a wonderful video that explains why women wear hijab.

World Hijab Day

Is Celebrating the World Hijab Day Bid`ah?

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: Celebrating world and national Days and events like World Hijab Day that promote universal values and morals are praiseworthy. It …

World Hijab Day Dispels Misconceptions

NEW YORK – As some western media continues to portray Hijabi Muslim women as suppressed, the World Hijab Day in its seventh version hopes to correct misconceptions with its hashtag #FreeinHijab. “#FreeInHijab is the much-needed hashtag for our current global situation where women in hijab are labeled by media as oppressed and symbolically imprisoned,” Nazma …

Florida Students Try Hijab as Islam Appreciation Month Kicks Off

Florida Students Try Hijab for a Day

FLORIDA – The University of Florida campus has kicked off the 2019 Islam Appreciation Month with a hijab-a-thon event, inviting students to try and learn about the attire many Muslim women wear, WCJB reported. “The hijab is a veil worn by Muslim women in the presence of any male outside of the immediate family,” Isra …

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