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Should Women Limit Their Knowledge of the Deen?

Short Answer: There is nowhere that puts a cap on the allowable or even the advisable amount of knowledge that any person can attain, much less women specifically. _________________________________________ Salam and thank you for this very important and relevant question. Although with a basic understanding of Islam, it seems like the answer should be self-evident, …

Can Women Lecture in the Mosque?

Can Women Give Lectures in the Mosque?

During his lifetime, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to teach and instruct people in his Mosque. His Companions followed suit after he passed away. Although there are no reports of women systematically teaching in the mosque, there are hundreds, even thousands, of prophetic traditions transmitted by women. Besides, hundreds of hadiths …

Domestic Violence in Muslim Community & How to Deal with It

Domestic Violence in Muslim Community & Tips for Victims

How to deal with domestic violence? In this Khutbah, Dr. Yasir Qadhi addresses this problem, refutes claims justifying it, and provides useful tips for victims. Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses spousal abuse in Muslim communities, condemning the misguided people who justify violence using the Quran and the Sunnah. He stressed that under no circumstances is violence against …

How Islamic Values Can Protect Our Kids from Being #MeToo Predators

How Islam Can Keep Our Kids from Being #MeToo Predators

Editor’s Note: This article is from AboutIslam.net archive. We republish it as its topic is still relevant and important. In line with the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, actress Alyssa Milano started a new trend. The 44 year old called on women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to come out posting the hashtag #MeToo …

Why I Wear Hijab

Why I Wear Hijab

I often wonder whether people see me as a radical fundamentalist and terrorist Muslim who hides an AK-47 assault rifle underneath her jean jacket. Perhaps, they see me as the poster girl for oppressed womanhood everywhere. I am not sure which of the two it is. I get the whole gamut of strange looks, stares, …

Gender Interactions… Are We Too Strict?

Gender Interactions… Are We Too Strict?

There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficult issues to navigate in the modern workforce. Those who are not yet in the workforce, don’t presume that you know how you will act when you get to that arena. It is very easy to be hardcore in university but when you get to corporate world; when you get to the job situation; when you understand the dynamics then things will change a little bit.

Wearing Hijab in Summer … The Question and Answer

Why Do You Wear Hijab in Hot Summer? Here is My Answer

As Muslim women who wear the hijab in non-Muslim countries, we often spend our days being stared at, pointed at, and at times, even glared at. It is all part of the Muslim experience. The greatest part, though, is being asked what one can call interesting questions. Even more so during the hot summer season …

9 Hadiths on Men-Women Interaction in Mosque

One of the current problematic issues in mosques that give access to women is the excessive sensitivity towards, and sometimes the strict banning of, ordinary interaction between men and women. Interestingly, those men and women do interact normally with other men and women in the outer community in all walks of social and professional life. …


Women's Access to Mosques: What Is the Deal?

Short Answer:  Allah in the Quran encourages both men and women to frequent the mosques without any discrimination and the Prophet is reported to have allowed women to pray in the mosque. Religion and its rules and principles are what are to be followed, not traditions and customs. Giving women an access to our mosques will make them …

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