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Women In Mosques

Women In Mosques

We should not forbid our women to coming to the mosques, yet some mosques have signs on saying no women allowed! This is the house of Allah and women should be made to feel welcome.


I’tikaf Through Woman’s Eyes

When the last 10 nights of Ramadan approach, Muslim men around the world prepare for I’tikaf – a time of seclusion, prayer and meditation in the masjid. It is a truly blessed time that any Muslim would be honored to participate in. Separation from worldly stresses and distractions to focus solely upon Allah; who could …

UK Muslims on Mosques & Women: Is It Time to Restore Sunnah?

As I ponder during the remaining nights of Ramadan, I wonder if as a society we will ever return to the Prophetic example of gender inclusion in our mosques in a way that gives everyday British Muslim women the option to visit mosques as regularly as female companions of Prophet Muhammad did.

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