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A Perfect Woman (2)

Lady Aishah: Piety and Critical Mind

While she was born into a highly respectable family with wealth, fame and status (as Abu Bakr As-Siddiq was a man of abundant means) and in spite of being brought up with comfortable living conditions, `A’ishah bore patiently the hardships, simplicity and ascetic life-style of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

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Are Men Better Than Women in Islam?

Short Answer: Allah says in the Quran that the most honorable people are those who are most righteous, regardless of any qualifiers such as race, gender, ability, etc. __________________________________________ Salam and thank you for your question. It is a dangerous misconception that women are inferior to men in Islam, as this goes directly against what …

Women Scholars of Hadith (Part 1/2)

Women Scholars of Hadith

History records few scholarly enterprises, at least before modern times, in which women have played an important and active role side by side with men. The science of Hadith forms an outstanding exception in this respect. Islam, as a religion which (unlike Christianity) refused to attribute gender to the Godhead, [1] and never appointed a …

Women Area in Mosque: Too Many restrictions? (Part 2/4)

Women Area in Mosque: Access to the Imam

There is no need to isolate women within walls or curtains or to prevent them from sighting the Imam. It is proven that women used to see the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in the Mosque, and that it had a positive impact on their acquisition of knowledge. They also benefited from, and were even quite careful to observe, attendance at the Mosque.

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A Critical Look at Harsh Hadiths About Women

Short Answer: The science of hadith authentication is complex and not at all binary. “For the content of a hadith to be acceptable,… it [must] not be in opposition with another hadith or with reason in a way that cannot be reconciled… Men and women are equal in Islam, before God and Islamic Law, and in terms of their humanity …


How Do Muslim Women Encourage Misogyny?

Domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse, misogyny in all its forms – whether in the East or the West, Muslim or non-Muslim, all these diseases are alive and well in our societies. “Women shouldn’t be dressing a certain way if they don’t want to be attacked”; “Sometimes a mouthy woman just needs to be disciplined …

Aisha Al-Adawiya Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

WASHINGTON, DC – A national American advocacy group will honor Aisha Al-Adawiya during its annual banquet in October, recognizing her decades of service and commitment to advancing the legacy of Islam as an organic American religious tradition. “During this time of intense social polarization and political discord, it is important that we recognize and honor …

Two Belts

She of the Two Belts: A Mainstay of Hijrah

Short Summary:  She was known for her noble descent and bravery. Asma chose Islam when she was nearly fourteen and she was the 18th person to accept Islam. She helped guarantee the success of the Prophet’s Hijrah along with that of his companion Abu Bakr. Each night, oblivious of the dreariness of the rocky dark desert, Asma would take …


Hijab And Inferiority Complex: Setting Myself Free

When I first ditched the headscarf, the simplest way to describe hijab, I had a sense of temporary satisfaction for I believed I was entitled to freedom of choice. Nevertheless, it was a choice against my conscience, which at the same time was fighting, for its right.

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