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Can Women Lecture in the Mosque?

Can Women Give Lectures in the Mosque?

During his lifetime, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to teach and instruct people in his Mosque. His Companions followed suit after he passed away. Although there are no reports of women systematically teaching in the mosque, there are hundreds, even thousands, of prophetic traditions transmitted by women. Besides, hundreds of hadiths …

Women-led Mosques Grow Across the World

Relegated to the basement…and barred from the front door, some Muslim women have had enough of male domination at the mosque and are setting up their own. COPENHAGEN – Muslim women have been expanding their new mosques across Europe and the US, in a protest against the so-called male domination at the mosque and giving …

10 Fatwas About I`tikaf

10 Fatwas About Itikaf

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, many Muslims perform Itikaf, which is a very beautiful experience. Itikaf means to dedicate time for spiritual seclusion in the Mosque. You spend time praying, reading Quran and remembering Allah in the mosque’s pure and spiritual atmosphere. In this folder, we bring for you 10 fatwas about different aspects …

Men and Women in Mosque: How Islam Dealt with Violations

Men and Women in Mosque: How Islam Dealt with Violations

The Hadiths quoted in the previous part, and other similar Hadiths, do not claim that the Madinah community was free from deviations, even within the Prophet’s Mosque. It was reported in Al-Mustadrak from Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) that a pretty woman, one of the most beautiful, used to perform prayers behind …

Are Women Welcome to the Mosque? (Part 1)

Are Women Welcome in the Mosque?

When it comes to the question of women’s access to mosques, the reality is painful. Despite the primary importance of the mosque for every Muslim, no matter whether he/she lives in a Muslim majority country or in countries where Muslims constitute a minority, a significant percentage of mosques, in the East and the West alike, …

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