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God Does What He Wills

God Does What He Wills

When we speak of the will of God, there are two aspects to it. One is the aspect of what He brings about in Creation – what He decrees in His infinite wisdom to take place. The other is what He commands of us to carry out of our own free will and what He is pleased with.

Can Prayer Postures Really Bring us Closer to God?

Can Prayer Postures Really Bring Us Closer to God?

Prayer has begun and all matters relating to this world are left far behind. A calm meditative state is achieved and a connection is made. In the few minutes it takes to pray, each person stands before God in full submission. We gain peace, tranquility and numerous health benefits.

Are We Judged for Our Involuntary Sins?

Are We Judged for Our Involuntary Sins?

Whoever is coerced into something to the point that he or she has no choice but to comply, then he or she is legally exempt for that action in this world and sinless for it in the Hereafter. We are taken to account for what we do of our own free choice.

Happiness Awaits-the-Patient

Happiness Awaits the Patient

It is when we never face struggles, that we should take a deeper look at ourselves. Do not be angry with Allah for any trials you encounter, because even our trials are a blessing in disguise, and showing ungratefulness can welcome his wrath.

Ramadan-A to Z

The A to Z of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Many young Muslims are clueless about what they should do in Ramadan. It is therefore important to have a vision, not only for the month of Ramadan but after that as well. Goals should be set and a routine that will help you achieve those goals should be followed.

Muslim Prayer Why Five not Six?

The Muslim Daily Prayers - Why Five Not Six?

Prayer is a break for us and a time of meditation. It allows us to set aside the demands of the world and simply focus our hearts on God. We get up and make ablution and then find a quiet place to pray in peace. But Why Five prayers a day?

Lessons from the Prophet’s Wisdom

The Prophet taught us that real wisdom means that peace should be sought until those who wish to fight you leave you no other option but to defend yourself and your right to worship Allah (SWT) alone. But even then, when the fight is brought to you, follows you…

Glimpses of Wisdom from the Prophet's Life

The Prophet appointed some companions to deliver his message to other sovereign states. He sent letters to the Emperor of Rome, the king of Persia, the ruler of Egypt and to the chiefs of Arab tribes, inviting them to a common call. A detailed analysis of his letters would show…

Why Can’t a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day, to her dress, to new beginnings; actually, not all girls. A Muslim girl staring at her wedding dress, just learning that her wedding to a non-Muslim is not allowed in Islam, is torn between her religion and love. Why wouldn’t Islam allow such a marriage, anyway?

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