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Stand By Your Wife

You have to be fair and just to your wife. That means if your mother or father are being oppressive to her, you have to tell them to stop but in a loving way. Mufti Men reminds us.

How I Balance Between My Mother And My Wife

Often a man’s mother thinks she can control the wife. This is not correct. The man has to treat his mother and wife with love an respect and stop any oppression that may occur in a beautiful, loving way.

Top 10 Secrets For a Happy Marriage (Folder)

Be Like Khadijah – 4 Traits A Wise Wife Should Have

Making a wise selection is a crucial first step towards being a supportive and loving wife, because you can only truly love with all your heart a person whom you admire and respect, not a person who has millions nor one who has a famous dad.

My Wife's Past Frustrates Me

My Wife's Past Frustrates Me

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam, Thank you for reaching out to us to try to help you solve your problems. One, you asked “what might be the reason for her confessions on the first hand?” People do things for many reasons, and many combinations of reasons. However, you seem to be implying that she had a …

Why Do I Have to Beg My Wife for Sex

Why Do I Have to Beg My Wife for Sex?

Answer: Wa ’Alaikum Salaam dear brother in Islam, Thank you for asking us and seeking to do the right thing. You are suffering, and instead of assuming that you can just leave your marriage, which is causing you so much suffering, you are trying to find out if that is right. I respect you so much …

A Silent Husband: No Intimacy or Communication

A Silent Husband: No Intimacy or Communication

In this counseling answer: “In trying to save your marriage, I ask that you utilize patience while trying to resolve these issues. Getting upset, which you have every right, will not help the matter. However, approaching him when things are calm to discuss issues that are hurting you may in time open him up to a dialog. …

Cherish Your Wife the Prophet's Way (10+ Hadiths)

Cherish Your Wife the Prophet's Way (10+ Hadiths)

In Islam, the relationship between husband and wife is a strong bond to be nurtured with kindness, love and mercy. It is so significant that Allah Almighty mentions it in the Qur’an as one of His great signs in the world: {And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that …

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Meeting His Wife

When Shaykh Hamza Yusuf met his wife for the first time in a computer room, it seems as if it was love at first sight! After several meetings he asked her to marry him. A beautiful story!

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