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Dr Saleem Kidwai, Secretary General of the Muslim Council for Wales, with Sahar al Faifi (in black veil) and Ameira Kutkut giving evidence at the citizens' Commission on Islam in Cardiff last year to discuss issues including employment and prejudice

Muslims in Wales: Highest Education, Least Employment

A new report by a human rights commission revealed on Wednesday, September 28, that Muslims are the least likely group to be employed in Wales, though they are more likely to hold a degree, stressing that working together is vital for community cohesion.

Wales Rejects Abuse of Praying Muslim_1

Wales Rejects Abuse of Praying Muslim

A social experiment aimed at gauging anti-Muslim sentiments in Cardiff by two friends has shown people rejecting public abuse of a praying Muslim, with most people standing up for him and deploring the abusive actions of the other.

Bus Passenger Teaches Man Lesson on Integration

Bus Passenger Teaches Man Lesson on Integration

A bus passenger stepped in the defense of a niqabi Muslim passenger who was attacked verbally by a man asking her to speak English, saying that the woman indeed spoke Welsh, the native language of Wales.

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