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Memorize or Understand the Quran

Memorize or Understand the Quran?

I read the Quran but I do not understand Arabic. I do not get anything out of reading the Quran. Should not I start reading it in English? There are these people who keep telling you to memorize the Quran and speak about the much reward you gain through memorization. There are so many hafizs …

Can boys be friends with girls?

Can Boys be Friends with Girls? (Video)

We are just friends! That is the pretext used by many teenagers to justify indulgence in forbidden relationships that yields no fruits. But could boys and girls really maintain pure love? And what are the chances for such love to develop into a sound marriage rather than deviates to wrong affairs? Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts …

The Man of Two Gardens (Video)

The Man of Two Gardens (Story)

A wonderful explanation of the story of the man of two gardens as recounted in Surat Al-Kahf. Ustaz Nouman Khan connects the events of the story with today’s life and comes up with lessons and idea that you will relate to. In this Video: Pushing children to achieve success is a universal human attitude; communities …

From Rabbi to Sheikh (Story)

A beautiful and inspiring story of a Rabbi who lived in Madinah during the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). `Abdullah ibn Salam (may Allah be pleased with him) was an esteemed Jewish scholar who had a high status among his Jewish community. He knew that a Prophet was due to …

Why Is Prophet Musa Different? Nouman Khan Answers

Why Is Prophet Musa Different? Nouman Khan Answers

In one passage of the Quran, Allah consoles His Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) by reminding him of what happened to previous Prophets. He mentioned the names of a number of Prophets who were met with rejection and denial. Yet, something strange can be noticed in the language of this passage; Prophet …

In 6 Minutes... Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

The company that you keep will either make you or break you. If you want to be a better person, be around people who will help you improve. Where to find these friends? And what can gather them together and strengthen their bond? In this short talk, Imam Hussain Kamani calls on college students to …

The Honor of Being Muslim

The Honor of Being Muslim

Being a Muslim is a choice, it cannot be forced. Islam addresses our emotions, reason and heart. Why should we submit ourselves to Allah, and to the order of the messenger of Allah? What are the values that Islam focuses on? Imam Waleed Basyouni answers the above questions and more. More Videos: Pain, Sadness …

Pain, Sadness and Depression... How to Cope

Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Why is pain useful? Pain, physical or emotional, indicates that there is a problem. It indicates something needs to be treated. Using painkillers only and ignoring the root causes of our problems is not useful or smart; it can cause further damage. It’s human to feel sad; however, there’s a difference between depression, devastation, …

8 Situations the Prophet Sought Protection from

8 Situations the Prophet Sought Protection from

Think about the circle that appears next to your name in Google Talk; it is green when you are active; red when you are busy; and when it turns yellow, it means that you are idle; you are online but you are useless and not involved in any activity. Taking this example from the virtual …

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