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10 Manifestations of Islam's Moderation

The Qur’an describes the Muslim Ummah as a Middle nation. What does the term Wassat or middle mean? How do the term’s meanings relate to the status and obligations of the Muslim Ummah?

In this lecture, Dr. Yasir Qadhi answers these questions, illustrating in 10 various points how Islam is a moderate religion and how the Muslim nation is supposed to strike a balance between extremes of different types.

No Sense of Shame (Video)

What the Prophet Says About People with No Sense of Shame

There is another beautiful kind of Hayaa’, that is, while learning about Allah the Almighty, you have this feeling of hayaa’ that whatever I do for Allah does not befit His greatness. This creates a feeling of shame that I am not doing enough….

Nouman Khan on Happiness, Fun & Pleasure (Video)

Nouman Khan on Happiness, Fun & Pleasure

Inspiring reflections by Nouman Ali Khan on the verse: {Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children…} (Al-Hadid 57:20) Watch in this Video: Life is all about playing and entertainment? Kids and need for playing. Obsession …

How to Influence a Non-Practicing Family

How to Influence a Non-Practicing Family

Do you live in a family that is not practicing; a family whose relationship to Islam is no more than just having Muslim names in their ID cards? Do you suffer their continuous criticism of your effort to practice your religion; are you the object of their sarcasm because you grow beards or wear Hijab? …

Stranger Helps Wheelchair-Bound Man Perform Tawaf

A heartwarming video showing a stranger coming to help a wheelchair-bound man who was performing tawaf on his own in the Grand Mosque in Makkah has garnered praise on social media, with many praising the kind act of the old stranger.

How Fear of Hell Fire Wins You Paradise

How Fear of Hell Fire Wins You Paradise

This inspiring talk takes you in a journey to the beautiful, blissful gardens of Paradise, Jannah. Sheikh Kamani, as he describes Jannah, elaborates on some necessary steps to win it. How to turn fear of Hell fire, the opposite of Jannh, into a positive force that draws us closer to Allah and maximizes our chances …

We Didn't Know How to Study Islam (Story of Sh. Jamaal Diwan)

We Didn't Know How to Study Islam (Sh. Jamaal's Story)

It all started with a supplication of a young lady that Allah enables her to be one of the students at Al-Azhar University; a supplication that was fulfilled. Allah blessed Sheikha Muslema Purmul, along with her husband Sheikh Jamaal Diwan, to have this opportunity. Join Sheikh Jamaal Diwan as he reflects over this rich, inspiring …

Memorize or Understand the Quran

Memorize or Understand the Quran?

I read the Quran but I do not understand Arabic. I do not get anything out of reading the Quran. Should not I start reading it in English? There are these people who keep telling you to memorize the Quran and speak about the much reward you gain through memorization. There are so many hafizs …

Can boys be friends with girls?

Can Boys be Friends with Girls? (Video)

We are just friends! That is the pretext used by many teenagers to justify indulgence in forbidden relationships that yields no fruits. But could boys and girls really maintain pure love? And what are the chances for such love to develop into a sound marriage rather than deviates to wrong affairs? Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts …

The Man of Two Gardens (Video)

The Man of Two Gardens (Story)

A wonderful explanation of the story of the man of two gardens as recounted in Surat Al-Kahf. Ustaz Nouman Khan connects the events of the story with today’s life and comes up with lessons and idea that you will relate to. In this Video: Pushing children to achieve success is a universal human attitude; communities …

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