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2 Powerful Verses That Get Rid of Satan

2 Powerful Verses That Get Rid of Satan

Chapter two of the Quran (Al-Baqarah) is the longest and one of the most important chapters of the Quran. The Prophet urged us to recite it often. In this chapter, we find two verses which are among the most memorized and recited among Muslims…

Beauty of Quran for a non-Arabic Speaker

The Beauty of the Quran For a Non-Arabic Speaker

I cannot fully understand the language, and yet, some verses demand my attention and push me to open up a translation of the Quran. I remember one time I was reading the Arabic verses of Chapter 14 of the Quran. I noticed the same word was repeated four times across two verses…

Jinn Accepted Islam After Hearing the Quran

Chapter Al Jinn- Facts You May Not Know about the Jinn

God revealed to Prophet Muhammad that a group of jinn listened to his recitation of the Quran. They returned to their own society and described the recitation as wondrous, saying that it called to what is true and sensible by distinguishing between right and wrong.

Lessons from the 7 Most Recited Verses of the Quran

Lessons from the 7 Most Recited Verses of the Quran

Even though Al-Fatihah is repeated several times a day in prayer, how often do we stop to think about this chapter of the Quran? I have to admit that I have been guilty of neglecting the Fatihah, rushing through prayer, making lists instead of keeping khushoo’…

5 Verses That Light Our Dark Days

5 Verses That Light Our Dark Days

Is it not that merely months ago you were lost? Is it not that there was a time when you were seeking and He brought you from darkness into light? If you have been unjustly treated, read the story of Joseph.

4 Verses Equal One Third of the Quran

God rejected offspring from the general perspective that it is not befitting, since to have a child would reduce him to the status of His creatures. This answers the question of those who claim that since it is agreed that God can do anything, He should be able to have a son if He wished.

Reflecting Over the Qur'an Artistically

Reflecting Over the Qur'an "Artistically"

Reflecting over the Qur’an’s verses is a commended act; Muslims are told frequently in the Qur’an and in the Sunanh to understand and contemplate the messages that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala has embedded in His Book. In the following collection, art is beautifully used to help us visualize the verses. A gallery of designed Qur’anic …

Verses in Context

The Qur’an is very sensitive to context. Nouman Ali Khan explains this rule.

The Fighting Verses of the Quran

When we deal with the fighting verses in the Quran it’s important to keep in mind the various contexts of these verses. Instead of discussing the various contexts of these verses in detail at this point of this series, I would like to highlight one very important context that covers all the fighting verses: the spirit of the law.

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