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7 Beautiful Hijab Styles For You To Try!

Sisters, are you new to hijab? Do you want to change your style of hijab? Check out these 7 beautiful hijab styles for you to try! Balance between Fashion and Hijab

Why Are There Different Types of Veil?

Why Are There Different Types of Veil?

Short Answer: The required elements of modesty for a woman’s clothing in public is to be in a loose garment that covers her body, and to wear a head covering the descends on her chest and covers her bosom. This is the minimum requirement: Loose dress that covers all the body and a head covering that …

Veiled Muslim

1 in 4 Veiled Muslim Women Attacked in NY Subway: Survey

NEW YORK – The Commission on Human Rights of New York, USA, has found that Muslims beside other religious minorities of the city have experienced widespread bias, discrimination, harassment and assaults in recent years. “27% of veiled Muslim Arab women said they have been pushed on a subway platform,” a survey conducted by the commission and …

How Should a Muslim Woman Dress

How Should a Muslim Woman Dress?

Salam Dear Pamela, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is true that each Muslim and Muslimah should be keen on having a full understanding of what is halal (legal and permitted) and what is haram (illegal and prohibited). Then, they should try their best to avoid doubtful matters. But, we …

Faith, Soccer, School: Veiled Muslim Find Priorities in Life

CAIRO – For her Niles West soccer team in Skokie, Illinois, veiled Muslim goalkeeper Medina Skenderi is considered the last defense line, earning her spot with a modest uniform that respects her faith. “It’s really important to me,” Skenderi told Chicago Tribune of her faith on Sunday, April 24. “It’s like religion first and then …

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