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Muslims Make History in US Midterm Election

History has been made after the US elected its first Muslim women to Congress, Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Keith Ellison, who rose to national prominence as the first Muslim elected to Congress, was elected Minnesota attorney general on Tuesday. Several Muslim candidates were also elected to local council membership.

Basheer Abdur

Group Files Civil Rights Complaint On Behalf of Muslim Boxer

FARMINGTON HILLS — A leading American Muslim civil rights group has filed a complaint at the Michigan Department of Civil Rights against USA Boxing in support of 18-year-old Michigan boxer Basheer Abdur. The Muslim boxer was barred from competition because of growing a beard he believes it’s attributed to his faith, Arab American News reported on September 13. …

Historic Record for US Muslim Candidates Running for Office

US Muslims Run for Office in Record Numbers

MASSACHUSETTS – An unprecedented number of Muslim Americans are running for national and statewide offices this election cycle in USA. According to VOA News, the Muslim American community has never witnessed such a high number of candidates since at least the 9/11 Attacks; it has now reached up to 90 candidates. From Congress to state …

Two Saudi Students Died Rescuing US Kids from Drowning

Two Muslim Students Die Rescuing US Kids from Drowning

NAJRAN – The bodies of two Saudi Muslim students drowned last week while attempting to save two American children in Massachusetts arrived in Najran on Sunday, AlArabiya reported on July 8. Theeb Alyami, 27, and Jaser Daham Alrakah, 25, drowned on June 29 as they tried to rescue two small children who were struggling to …

US Muslims Join Protests Against Migrant Separation

WASHINGTON – Tens of thousands of Americans including Muslims have staged nationwide protests across USA over the president Donald Trump administration’s hardline immigration policies. More than 630 demonstrations were planned calling for reuniting immigrant families who were split by the policies of the American government at the US-Mexican border. BBC reported on July 1. Major …

Immigrant Toddlers Ordered to Appear in US Court Alone

CAIR: Migrant Toddlers Shouldn’t Stand Before US Courts Alone

WASHINGTON – In reaction to the US administration’s policy of breaking families apart, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called on US Muslim voters — and all other Americans concerned about family values — to contact their elected representatives in condemning this policy. “We demand Trump and his administration take immediate and transparent steps …

Muslim Contributions

Recognizing US Muslim Contributions to Science

A very special event has taken place last week in Washington DC that showcased modern Muslim contributions to science. Michael Jackman of has reported on November 15. If you know history, it’s no surprise that Muslim contributions to science are important and far-reaching. At that time, Europe was under its superstitious dark ages. On the other …

How I Became Muslim In USA

Three American women describe how they became Muslim in the USA and what attracted them about Islam above all else.

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