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All-Girl Afghan Robotic Team Allowed in US

The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan which was twice denied visas to enter the US for a competition arrived shortly after midnight on Saturday at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC

US Bans All-Girl Afghan Robotic Team

An all-girl high school team from Afghanistan who wanted to escort their robot to Washington DC for an international robotics challenge has been denied visa to the US, breaking the heart of the girls and wasting a life-time chance for them.

Pope Criticizes US "Mother" Bomb

Pope Francis has condemned the US military’s naming for the biggest non-nuclear explosive as “the mother of all bombs”, saying the word “mother” should not be used in reference to a deadly weapon.

US Vice President Tours Indonesia’s Biggest Mosque

JAKARTA – In the most high-profile outreach to Muslims by US new administration, US Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday, April 20, toured the biggest mosque in Muslim-majority Indonesia, during a visit seen as a highly symbolic gesture from an administration that has been accused of stoking Islamophobia.

British Muslim Teacher Denied Entry to US

The removal of a British Muslim schoolteacher from a journey to New York last week has left his students in shock, despite the court suspension of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Detained in Trump's America

A Sudanese Muslim tells her story of being humiliated by JFK airport officers, a few hours after Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Will Muslims End Up in Camps?

Will Muslims End Up in Camps?

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuh, Certainly, things can be quite frightening for Muslims right now given the amount of persecution many face. This will inevitably lead to these feelings of fear and isolation that you have been experiencing. It must be especially difficult for you given your own family background and what they …

US Actor Gives MasterChef Prize to Palestinian Refugees

American movie star and former White House official Kal Penn donated his prize in MasterChef Showdown Showdown to the UN Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA, bringing the suffering of the displaced Palestinians to the US national stage.

Muslim Woman Makes History in UN

A Nigerian Muslim woman was appointed the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN new Secretary-General Antonio Guterres late last week, in a huge achievement for African Muslim women.

Why the Question about Islamophobia Deserves a Real Answer

We’ve heard that anti-Islam hate towards American Muslims is wrong because “we need them” to be part of our “eyes and ears” as if American Muslims are merely tools in defeating an enemy. But we are citizens with the same inalienable rights as anyone else – and conflating Islam with terrorism isn’t just a matter of insult.

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