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Family-Oriented Latinos Find Bonding in Islam

For Muslim mother and immigrant rights advocate Miriam Abuawadesh, family connections and direct connection with God are among main reasons behind the growing number of Latino Muslim converts in the US.

Missouri Hosts Great Muslim Food Fest

The Muslim community in Missouri hosted on Sunday, October 15, the Great Muslim Food fest, offering non-Muslims a chance to know their Muslim neighbors by speaking “the international language of food.”

Penn. Group Hosts Inclusive Friday Prayer

A new anti-Islamophobia group at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania hosted an inclusive Jumm`ah (Friday) prayer on October 13, to educate about Islam and counter hate inside the campus.

Muslim Activist Receives Prestigious Award

A Chicago Muslim activist was given prestigious 2017 MacArthur Foundation Genius Award in recognition of his long-term advocacy efforts and accomplishments to help the community by employing the recently incarcerated not to return to jail.

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