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Memphis Festival Showcases Muslim Diversity

Memphis Festival Showcases Muslim Diversity

In a bid to foster and strengthen the relationships between the diverse communities of Memphis, American Muslims organized a special festival on Saturday, March 25, which introduced Islam and Muslim culture to the public.

Blind Muslim Creates STEM Curriculum for Blind Children

STEM Possible for Blind Thanks to Muslim Chemist

Getting help in her studies from a team of volunteers and assistants, Mona Minkara, a legally blind post-doctoral research fellow in the University of Minnesota, is seeking to pay back to the world, working to create a STEM curriculum for blind children in developing countries.


US Muslims Stand Up to Guard Jewish Centers After Attacks

After a spate of attacks on synagogues in a number of U.S. states, a group of American Muslims have stood up to guard Jewish places of worship in the United States. In recent months, two Jewish cemeteries were vandalized in Philadelphia and Rochester plus the mass desecration of a historically Jewish cemetery in Missouri. A series …

In Hijab Day, Muslim Students Find Love, Acceptance

In Hijab Day, Muslim Students Find Love, Acceptance

With the hope to raise awareness of Muslim culture and bolster solidarity, Muslim students in different universities across the US have been organizing hijab days to give their colleagues a chance to support their Muslim peers.

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