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Divisive Election Unites Florida Muslim, Jewish Women

Every year, Muslim women from Bay County Islamic Society gather to prepare food bags to the needy. However, this year’s event witnessed a unique combination of Muslim and Jewish women who decided to work together and give example of unity.

Texas Muslims Fearful of Trump Presidency

HOUSTON – In the United States the news of Donald Trump’s win came early in the morning and the reactions followed swiftly on social media, many laden with a heavy dose of shock and dismay.

Americans Flee Trump Land to Canada, New Zealand

The Canadian main immigration website crashed early on Wednesday, November 9, while New Zealand reported increased traffic to its website for residency visas from US nationals in the hours before Donald Trump surged to victory in the US presidential election.

US Muslims Vote Drive on Election Day (Gallery)

OHIO – Choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Muslim voters will flock to polling stations next Tuesday, November 8th. Polls will be open from 6AM to 7PM. The Arab and South Asian immigrants that make up the majority of the Muslim American community have historically voted in relatively small numbers and rarely as a …

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