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Nation and Nationhood: What Would Muhammad Do?

We must respect what is unique in ourselves and we must do the same for others. Prophet Muhammad is clear on this matter too, and in his final sermon he reminded us about diversity and the need for solidarity within the Islamic nation.

One Direction, One People, One God

The prayer connects the believers to God and the qiblah connects the believers to one another. It has been said that if one could observe all the Muslims at prayer we would be able to see lines of worshippers bowing and prostrating like the petals of a flower opening and closing in unison.

Hajj & Unity – How to Bridge the Divide?

It is when we all come together, united regardless of all our differences because we have come here for Allah. We do not let anything create differences amongst us. We wear clothes that are simple, we take the journeys together… We let nothing divide us.

Finding Spirituality in Pilgrimage

When I was doing Tawaf (circumambulation) of the Ka’bah last year during hajj, I was struck by the mingling voices of people with varying accents. People with differing colors and physical characteristics typical of divergent climes and cultures…

Ramadan: All-Time Lessons

We must examine ourselves during Ramadan and ask: What is my role – and each of us has a role – in helping this precious Ummah to regain its honor, and return to the Ummah its comprehensive unity and strength, and victory that has been promised to it?

How Do Muslims Relate to Other Faiths?

In fact the Quran depicts the various prophets in history not as competing or fighting with one another, unfortunately as some of their followers are doing, but in fact as one brotherhood of prophets, various links in the same chain of revelation extending from the first to the final prophet.

Towards Achieving Unity in Islam

Behaving how we are instructed in the Quran will help us build an unbreakable bond amongst Muslims, but Muslims must do their part first on the individual level, then on the community level, national level, then on the global level. We can’t achieve global unity if we don’t start with ourselves.

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