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Lessons of Unity and Order in Prayer

Lessons of Unity and Order in Prayer

If we remember this directionality and goal-oriented thinking in our communities and organizations, we can have better unity. Instead we often can only see the small picture and lose sight of the direction in which we should all be travelling, toward Allah, seeking His pleasure, in worship of Him alone as one community.

Al Hassan ibn Ali - The Hero Who Reconciled Between Muslims

Al Hassan ibn Ali - The Hero Who Reconciled Between Muslims

Despite being a highly deserving candidate for the post of caliph, Al-Hassan valiantly sacrificed his personal prestige and displayed his lofty character, by foregoing political power and authority in favor of peace and unity among the Muslims.

Brooklyn Muslims Host Meal for Unity

An American Muslim non-profit organization invited people of different to share a meal that symbolized unity and peace in their Sunset Park community in Brooklyn.

If Prophet Muhammad Lived in America

Perhaps the most challenging task for the Prophet would be to reach out to Muslim communities in all corners of the U.S. and plead with them to live in love, fear and hope in God. Would he succeed?

Our Beloved Prophet Leads us to Unity

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad leads us to Unity, to our Creator who is Al Wahid (The unique) and Al Ahad (The one). In doing so he also leads us to unity within the ummah, among its diverse people, languages and cultures. Thus the ummah is not only a theological concept, it is our praxis, our way of life.

Nation and Nationhood: What Would Muhammad Do?

We must respect what is unique in ourselves and we must do the same for others. Prophet Muhammad is clear on this matter too, and in his final sermon he reminded us about diversity and the need for solidarity within the Islamic nation.

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