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These Tips Will Help You Enjoy Reading the Quran

These Tips Will Help You Enjoy Reading the Quran

First, we must realize what the Quran as the word of God is and means to us, and bring all the reverence, love, longing, and will to act that this realization demands. Secondly, we must read it as it asks to be read, as Prophet Muhammad instructed us, as he and his Companions read it.

Tariq Ramadan: Components of Muslim Identity (Part 2)

Tariq Ramadan: Components of Muslim Identity

In this series: Identity & Culture Faith and Understanding Education and Transmission  Action, Participation and Muslim Identity in Western Context After his introductory discussion about identity and culture and the consequences of the failure to recognize the true components of  Muslim identity, Dr. Taiq Ramadan explores these components, discussing in this article the first two: …

Why Does Allah Decree Suffering and Hardship?

Hardships make us turn to God in times when we do not. On the flip-side, it is important to remember that ease itself is also a test. Islam came to help us balance life in both ease and hardship.

Don't Look Down on Me… I Follow Muhammad Too

This raised in my mind a question I had been thinking about for quite a long time; is the Sunnah causing problems in our life or are we causing the problem by failing to understand the Sunnah within the context of the events and its relevance or irrelevance to our present time?


Muslim Man Serving Tea and Understanding in the US

How one man and his tea house are trying to foster understanding and community in the US city of Cleveland. Now living in Cleveland, US, Ayman Alkayali is no stranger to feeling like a foreigner. Alkayali’s parents were born in Palestine: his mother in Jaffa and his father in Ramla. During the Nakba, [the Palestinians’ …

How Can Non-Arab Muslims Engage With the Quran?

All the Arabic words that occur in the Quran are repeated again and again throughout its entirety, with the exception of those that occur in the very last juz’ (which has much shorter words and surah’s than the rest of the Quran). This actually makes it much easier to grasp the Arabic of the Quran…

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How to Benefit from Admonitions in the Quran

When the Quran is being recited and/or explained, do you want to immediately quell all other noises, distractions, and activities to listen in, attentively and keenly? Or do you start feeling panicked and cornered, or bored, frantically wanting to change the topic…

How to Understand the Quran Correctly

The Quran becomes a source of peace, guidance and mercy for anyone who seeks to become closer to Allah, but it is all the more so for those with a broken soul and a shattered will who want to turn back towards Allah in repentance and submission…

People Have Different Levels of Understanding ...

Always keep in mind that people have different levels of understanding, because of their background, education, and other factors. In this brief reminder, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf cites several examples from the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and reflects on our current times. The Prophet, peace be upon him, during his early period, …

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