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UN: France’s Niqab Ban Violates Rights of Muslim Women

THE HAGUE – The UN Human Rights committee has condemned the French’ niqab ban, described it as a violation of human rights, demanding compensation for Muslim women who were “confined at home and marginalized.” “The French law disproportionately harmed the petitioners’ right to manifest their religious beliefs,” the committee said in a statement cited by …

UN Chief Calls for Global Stand Up for Rohingya

UN Chief Calls for Global Support for Rohingya

COX’S BAZAR – In visiting the sprawling refugee camps of persecuted Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, described what he saw as “heart-breaking” “The hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have fled from Myanmar to escape violence have been victims of one of the most tragic stories of the violation of …

What’s the State of Our World’s Forests?

“Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” (Surat Al Anbiyaa 21:30).

Overheating drinks

Overheating Your Drinks Can Cause Cancer

One of the best nutrition means to overcome the extreme heat of this summer during fasting in Ramadan is drinking useful liquids like water, hot drinks, juices and cold drinks. This plan also includes soups during iftars or sohours.

US Muslims: UN Veto on Al-Quds Isolates America

WASHINGTON, DC – A leading American Muslim civil rights group has condemned the US decision to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel to be withdrawn. “By ordering the veto of this mild and balanced resolution, the Trump administration …

Nigerian Muslim Teacher Receives UN Award

A Nigerian Muslim teacher has won this year’s prestigious UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award in recognition of his efforts to teach orphans of both Islamic fighters and Nigerian army soldiers.

UN App Allows Fasting Muslims to Share Food with Refugees

As Muslims around the world prepare for the festive season of Ramadan, a UN World Food Program is launching two fundraising campaigns to urge fasting Muslims to donate and prevent famine in Yemen and support Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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