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Meet Muslim Genius Teaching Math in Leicester at 14

Meet Muslim Genius Teaching Math in Leicester at 14

Achieving a new world record, a genius young Muslim teen has become the youngest ever employee at the university of Leicester, shortly after becoming the youngest student enrolled in the prestigious educational facility.

British Muslims

What Are the Problems with British Muslim Youth?

I watched the second episode of “Extremely British Muslims” the other day and what can I say? It made me very sad. British Muslim youth seem to have been neglected by the British authorities, media and members of the public as well as members of their own community. They seem to be in a limbo …

UK Muslims British Community Undeterred By Terrorism

British Muslim: We Are Undeterred By Terrorism

A year to the date after the Brussels bombing, London suffered an act of terrorism, as an assailant drove onto a pavement attacking pedestrians, then made his way into parliament where he murdered a police officer before being shot dead. He was just 40 yards away from our Prime Minister Theresa May.

How Muslims Reacted to London Attack

How Did Muslims React to London Attack?

While hate mongers rushed to the internet to immediately blame Muslims for the attack, Muslims in Britain and worldwide rushed to raise funds for the victims’ families, pray for them and condemn all attacks.

‘Sameness’ Perspective Making Hijab Illegal in Europe_1

‘Sameness’ Perspective Makes Hijab Illegal in Europe

A UK employment lawyer joined high-ranking female Muslim voices condemning Tuesday’s European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) ruling allowing employers to ban the wearing of visible religious symbols, such as headscarves and other religious signs.

UK Imams May Be Asked to Preach in English

UK Imams May Be Asked to Preach in English

New measures by British government may include asking Muslim imams to deliver sermons in English, rather than Urdu and Arabic, to encourage inclusion of Muslim youth and fight radicalization.

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