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McDonald's Apology Not Enough For Hijabi Teenager

A Muslim teenager who was told to remove her hijab before entering a McDonald’s because it posed a “security threat” said that the restaurant’s apology was not enough in the face of rising hatful atmosphere.

Muslim Charity Fundraising Dinner Seeks to Educate

As President Trump lowers the otherwise respectable office of the President of the United States once again, this time sharing fabricated, anti-Islam propaganda, whining to the wrong Theresa May to, ‘…focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,’ resulting in a huge backlash across most political divides in the UK and the US, including from the UK’s actual Prime Minister, British Muslims were doing what we do best, being productive members of society.

prophet Muhammads character

This Mawlid, Reflect on Prophet Muhammad's Character

Muslims in Britain ascribe to many diverse points of view, some will celebrate the Prophet’s birthday while others will not. Irrespective of any person’s disposition, my view is to mark this occasion with thoughts of an attribute which Prophet Muhammad identified in a truly profound way, manners.

Trump’s Islamophobic Retweets Draw Criticism

A leading British Muslim rights group criticized Wednesday the American President Donald Trump over retweeting three anti-Muslim videos posted by far-right group Britain First, seeing it as a clear endorsement of Islamophobia.

Muslim comedy tour

Muslim Comedians on a UK Tour Raising Funds for Charity

Muslim comedians are on a UK tour with new shows raising funds for the welfare of women in vulnerable environments. The Super Muslim Comedy Tour is back, with even more big names in the comedy world, taking place in eight UK cities from 24 November to 1st December 2017. Following the side-splitting success of the last two years, …

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