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Halal Is Clear & Haram Is Clear: Roadmap for Pure Heart

Let’s think about how important this concept is. Imagine you are a student; you are walking into the classroom and the teacher is just glaring at you. You are sitting at your desk; you are waiting for her to start talking yet she is just glaring at you.

Hijabi Fulfills Life Dream on US National TV

ILLINOIS – A hijabi American Muslim has made history in the US after she was hired as a full-time TV news reporter on a mainstream television news station, according to the western Illinois station. “I didn’t kind of have anyone who looked like me on TV, so I never really thought it was a possibility,” …

‘My Week As A Muslim’ Triggers Criticism

A Channel 4 documentary that included browning up a white woman to show Islamophobia has triggered reactions with varying degrees of anger and mockery, with many questioning why the channel did not use a Muslim.

I Embraced Islam and Was Embraced by It!

I had found my Creator’s wishes, commands, and the reason for living. It had been with me all along. Where I would go from that point, I was sure would be limitless – not accepted by others perhaps, but limitless for my own life and heart.

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