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Medieval Islamic Hospitals & Medical Schools

Medieval Islamic civilization focused a great deal of attention on developing the medical arts. A key aspect was the development of hospitals and medical schools throughout the period.

After 24 Years in Military I Converted to Islam

After 24 Years in Military I Converted to Islam

I read books and started learning the true Islam, the beauty of it, the simplicity of it and it just opened my heart and then in December 1998 in Florida I submitted and converted to Islam. Islam has impacted my life in a very positive way. I feel good about…

A Guide To Visiting The Blue Mosque

Here is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. If you go to Istanbul, Turkey, you must visit the Blue mosque. Here is a guide to visiting the Blue Mosque!

What Made him Revert and Spread the Beauty of Islam?

I traveled to more than 112 countries carrying the logo of “Islam is Peace”. More than a thousand people became Muslims. When I saw that these activities have good result, I decided to do something for Islam in Romania…

Helping Refugees, Turkish Muslims Embrace their Role as Modern Ansar

Nizip was not the first time I had been rendered speechless by conditions in a refugee camp. In 2005, I experienced the atrocious conditions endured by internally displaced Palestinians living in slum cities, from Ramallah to Gaza. Two years later, I had the misfortune of visiting Sabra and Shatilla. These the twin hell holes today house 22,000 human beings.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet (Infograph)

The Mediterranean Countries are Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and Tunisia.

The Muslim Leader Who Protected Christians

That is Islam, that’s why I’m Muslim… it’s not for all this madness out there, it’s because of people like that. Because that’s the embodiment of the Prophet’s Sunnah. To follow sunnah is not about long beard and short robes, it’s that magnanimity of character, the ability to not want vengeance, not have that resentment because he saw God.

I was Sold on Islam

I went on holiday in Turkey and visited a great mosque. With every step I took, the more I felt the presence of God with me. It was such a great feeling…like home. I felt calm and peaceful. A Muslim taught me more about Islam and I felt confused and prayed…

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