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Being a Muslim for 10 years, comparing it to when I was non-Muslim, my life has become much more blessed not only in worldly affairs but also spiritually.

The Truth I Discovered about the Real Jesus Led Me to Islam!

For me, the proof that Islam is the Truth, there could be many examples actually and many evidences that would show that. For example, the Quran itself is a miracle in its structure; in its Arabic language in its eloquence. There are also scientific statements in the Quran…

My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran.

The Quran Completes What Was Missing in My Faith

My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran. Maybe it was better because I began to read it in Arabic directly, while I was consulting a dictionary. I could realize that what the Quran says was the parts that were missing in the Bible…

From Nightclub To Islam – How the Quran Made Me Shake

From Nightclub To Islam – How the Quran Made Me Shake

The first time I actually heard about the Quran was in the big condo we were living in, where we were doing parties, and I was sitting in a chair with a Moroccan brother that he had brought in, who started reciting the Quran in Arabic and I started reacting to it very strongly… I started shaking.

Just imagine how many times you tell those little white lies in the course of a single day. Regardless of the intentions, those little white lies add up fast.

Little White Lies - A Sin?

Have you ever lied to someone to impress others or make someone laugh? April Fool’s Day, for example, is an entire 24-hour period in America that is devoted to deception. Other lies that are meant to entertain might include telling someone that they’ve won a prize…

Everything I learned about Islam just made sense to me.

Trump's Election Led Me to Islam

I started to seek the truth of religion. I looked into everything from Mormon to Rastafarian, but during the election of trump and all the hatred that came with it, it peaked my interest to find out what Muslims actually believe…

Forgiveness was given to me in the hopes that that person would be shown forgiveness from Allah.

I’ll Go to Hell, but I’m Cool with That

One day, a friend of my husband asked me point blank: “When you die where are you going to go, Ann?” I paused, and reflected upon that statement for a few moments. I knew the answer…

I began to ask myself: Why should I say and do all these things which I know for sure I am a liar, as this is not the truth?

A Priest Declared War against Islam Ended up Muslim

I used to teach Islam in the faculty as well as the faulty misconceptions spread by its enemies and the missionaries against it. During that period, I decided to enlarge my study of Islam so that I should not read the missionaries books on it only. I had so much faith in myself…

I no longer believed in the misconceptions against Islam, and I am especially attracted by the concept of unity of God, which is the most important feature of Islam.

The Priest who Found the Truth in Islam

I took my final decision. In the morning I spoke with my wife from whom I have three sons and one daughter. But no sooner then she felt that I was inclined to embrace Islam then she cried and asked for help from the head of the mission. When he asked me about my true attitude…

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