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Be Confident - Hold Your Head Up High

Be Confident - Hold Your Head Up High

Your time is your life, and your life is your capital; it is the basis of your transactions with God, and the means to attain to everlasting felicity, in the proximity of God the Exalted. Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, and when it passes away it never returns.

Moses Mother - The Story of Reliance on God

Moses' Mother - The Story of Reliance on God

Had the mother of Moses chosen instead to rely on herself or the apparent safety of her own home, her son would have been killed. But by trusting in God, she saved her son and was saved from grief. We know from this story that no matter how impossible it may seem, the promise of God is always true.


What to Do If I Broke My Parents Trust?

In this counseling answer: “that trust takes a long time to build, especially if it has been betrayed multiple times or even once, so you will need to be patient in this case and prove to them that you are doing all you can to avoid being in a situation where you might be tempted …


I Love My Fiancé But I Can’t Trust Her Anymore

In this counseling answer: “The most important thing at this point isn’t hat you overcome these trust issues because beginning a marriage without trust will not place your marriage in a good place, to begin with so please do keep in mind what I said at the start when trying to overcoming this; understand things …

4 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

Our fear is often worse than the things we are afraid of. Sometimes we fear some crisis occurring and that fear becomes a crisis in itself. Our fear of sickness may actually be the worst sickness to afflict us.

The Real Lesson from Prophet Moses and Ashura

How did Moses have trust that was this great? It is a combination of lots of things among which are the things that Allah gave him, among the lessons and among the people around him. Importantly and often missed out is the fact that four women shaped his life…

Keeping Ties with God and Trusting Him

Taking the time out to thank God for His blessings will not only overwhelm us because we will never be able to enumerate them, but will truly help us recognize God’s undeniable presence in our life.

5 Timeless Lessons From the Hijrah

5 Timeless Lessons From the Hijrah of the Prophet

The Hijrah teaches us about brotherhood. Muslims emigrated from Makkah with little or nothing with them, and they were then accepted in Madinah almost as if they were the inhabitants. The people of Madinah shared their houses, food and whatever they had to help their brethren from Makkah settle in.

How to Trust My Husband When He Cheated on Me?

How to Trust My Husband When He Cheated on Me?

In this counseling answer: “Sit with your husband and talk to him about your marriage; what his views are on what a good spouse is, and what needs to be done to improve your marriage. Let him know about your feelings as well and how you feel about his actions with this other woman. Try to …


Is Trust in Marriage Really That Important?

“Sunny days, everybody loves them. Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain?” — song “Can You Stand the Rain?” by New Edition *** Happily Ever After? Just as Hamid was settling into an engaging conversation with friends, his cell phone chimed indicating a text message. Groaning, Hamid reached into his pocket and withdrew the …

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