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American Muslims Go Online to Find Love

A Washington-based online paid matchmaking service has offered a better chance for Muslims to find love, at a time of rising anti-Muslim sentiments after the election of President Donald Trump last year.

Trump's America: Nazis in Charlottesville

LONDON – Waking up to another day in Trump’s America, where as a break from the President’s sabre rattling with North Korea, something else I never thought to see in our age, a white supremacist march with fire-lit torches, chanting Nazi slogans, taking place, no less, on a university campus; otherwise the home to education, …

Small Muslim Grants Push Back Hate Rhetoric

Awarding grants to small nonprofits and organizations focused on American Muslims, the Pillars fund has been gaining national attention for pushing back against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Documentary Explores US Muslims in Trump Era

After months of listening to President Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, a team of filmmakers decided to intervene and create a new documentary titled “An Act of Worship”, in a bid to capture the beauty and pain driving a new young generation of Muslim activists around the nation who are springing to action.

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