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Nabra Hassanen

What It Feels Like to Be a Muslim Woman After Nabra Hassanen's Death

It was Sunday June 18th around 3 a.m. Nabra and her friends were returning to their local Mosque after having Suhoor for the morning prayers when they were stopped by 22 year old Darwin Martinez Torres. He stopped his car, took a metal baseball bat and started assaulting them. The scared teens started running towards …

Trump Under Fire for Tweet on London Mayor

As people were following the aftermath of London attack, many came to the defense of London Mayor Sadiq Khan who was targeted in a tweet by US President Donald Trump who shortened a quote of the mayor and took it out of its context.

Muslim Vlogger Counters Harassment with Smile

An American Muslim vlogger who shares thoughts on fashion, recipes, books and religions on her YouTube channel has fallen victim to Islamophobic rhetoric, as Muslim women face increasing hate crimes in the US.

Activists Plan Iftar at Trump Tower

Showing their city as welcoming to all faiths, Muslim grassroots movement MPower Change and the New York State Immigrant Action Fund have decided to host an Iftar at Trump Tower.

Muslims Thank Oregon Heroes after Deadly Stabbing

Muslims in Portland, Oregon, thanked the community for its support and said they were raising money for the families of two men who were killed when they came to the defense of two young women, one of them is a Muslim, who were targeted by an anti-Muslim rant.

Two Stabbed to Death in Portland Defending Hijabi Girl

Two people were stabbed to death in Oregon when they reportedly tried to intervene as a man yelled racist and Islamophobic slurs at two young Muslim women, one of whom wore hijab, as American leading civil rights group urged President Trump to denounce growing bigotry.

US Muslims React to Trump’s Message on Ramadan

In a stark contrast to his predecessors, US President Donald Trump issued a statement on Friday on the holy month of Ramadan, focusing primarily on violence and terrorism instead of explaining the true Islamic belief.

US Muslim Group Advices Trump on Islam Speech

After the announcement of President Trump’s scheduled speech outlining his “hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam” during an upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, a leading American Muslim civil rights group advised him to avoid “pejorative terminology” and “anti-Muslim stereotypes” promoted by some of his advisers.

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