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Haramain High-Speed Train Links Islam’s Two Holiest Cities

MAKKAH – The awaited $6.7 billion Haramain high-speed railway was inaugurated on September 25 in Saudi Arabia to link Makkah and Madinah; the two holiest cities of Islam, VOANews reported. “The 35 passenger trains are capable of traveling at speeds of 300 km/h. this slashes the travel time from several hours to 120 minutes,” explained …

Makkah Light Rail

Makkah Light Rail Undergoes Tests Before Hajj

MAKKAH – The Chinese company which constructed Makkah Light Rail has started on Wednesday, June 20 the testing of the railway in preparation for Hajj, which starts in August, reported. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC) was in charge of the construction of Makkah Light Rail. The company regained the operation contract worth US$93 …

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