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Why Difficult Times?

Why Difficult Times? (7 Verses Tell the Answer)

Going through difficult times such as the ones we are going through as Muslims nowadays, it is quite comforting to read Allah’s promise in the Qur’an {Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease. Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease.} (Al-Inshirah 5-6) However a thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, Why do …

Islam Armageddon

What Does Islam Say About Armageddon and The End Times?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. In responding to any serious question about Armageddon and the end times, we must urge people to avoid sensationalism and exaggeration. It is often easier to look for fantastical happenings in the distant future, rather than to go on living our lives …

Peace in Tough Times

4 Steps to Find Peace in Tough Times

We have a picture in our minds that life is meant to be flawless. When the reality does not match, we are deeply pained and upset. What we must come to understand is the picture we painted is merely that – a creation of our own hands. It is not a reality.

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