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Interpreting the Fighting Verses- The Prophet's Actions

Interpreting the Fighting Verses: The Prophet's Actions

Resting under a tree, the Prophet Muhammad opened his eyes and found an idolater raising his sword to the sky. “Who will save you from me?” The idolater asked. The Prophet replied, “God,” and the man began to tremble and dropped his weapon…

400 Faith Leaders Sign Declaration of Tolerance in D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC – Over 400 Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders from all over the world gathered in a two-day conference to develop a new declaration calling for promoting peace between followers of the three Abrahamic faiths and cultivating sentiments of goodwill and empathy toward each other. “[W]e cannot love and serve God if we fail …

The Prophet's Perfect Tolerance Towards Other Faiths

The Prophet's Perfect Tolerance Towards Other Faiths

The best example of the tolerance shown by the Prophet to other religions may be the constitution itself, called the “Saheefah” by early historians. When the Prophet migrated to Madinah, his role as a mere religious leader ended; he was now the political leader…

Islam Was the First to Teach Tolerance

Islam Was the First to Teach Tolerance

If Europe had known as much of Islam, as Muslims knew of Christendom, in those days, those mad, adventurous, occasionally chivalrous and heroic, but utterly fanatical outbreak known as the Crusades could not have taken place, for they were based on a complete misapprehension…

Hajj - A Holistic Homecoming for Humbled Muslims

Hajj - A Holistic Homecoming for Humbled Muslims

Hajj imparts tough lessons in humility, tolerance, and compassion, because it forces a person to give up their airs and all aspects of elitism viz. “high maintenance” behavior, and spend five days living a lifestyle that is at par with that of the common man, whether you like it or not.

The Magic Key for a Successful Islamic Marriage

The Magic Key for a Successful Islamic Marriage

If a spouse was successful in finding such good Islamic husband/wife, then the continued success and fruits of that marriage is simply the matter of following that hadith. It is basically the art of tolerance. If we understand that everyone makes mistakes…

Twitter Reacts to Trump's Religious Tolerance Vow

Remarks made by US President Donald Trump on national prayer day on Thursday, May 4, vowing religious tolerance to all faiths, triggered Twitter storm, with many tacking “unless you’re Muslim” onto his call for inclusion.

Is It Wrong to Respect Other Religions

Is It Wrong to Respect Other Religions?

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear questioner, we would like to thank you for the great confidence you place in us, and we implore Allah Almighty to help us serve His cause and …

Prophet Muhammad: Master of Tolerance

Since Prophet Muhammad wished to avoid war at all costs, he strove to bring about a peace agreement between him and the Makkans. After great efforts on his part, the non-Muslims agreed to a ten-year peace treaty, which was drafted and signed at Al-Hudaybiyyah, a place outside Makkah.

Drawn by its Tolerance

That night, I prayed, and read, leaving it to God to guide my reading. The first verse I read was about People of the Book — Christians and Jews — being part of God’s people. Well, that was an eye opener. A faith that is not only tolerant, but inclusive towards an opposed faith! I read on a bit.

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