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My Toddler Is Scared of Strangers

In this counseling answer: •Encourage him to seek counseling or speak with your imam about the situation. •Perhaps there are some Father Groups at your Masjid or within your local Islamic community. If he is a new dad, this could be most beneficial. As salamu alaykum dear sister, Children are often naturally shy at this …

My Son Is Very Attached to His Mother

In this counseling answer: •First, Omar needs your understanding and time. By this, I do not mean the length of time but the quality of the time you are giving him, like reading, playing, and outings to fill his time and develop his personality. •Second, Omar now needs to go to a nursery school. He …


My Toddler Asks: Where does Allah Live?

In this counseling answer: “When your son asks where does Allah live, it is important to first point out that Allah is not like us or anything else in creation. Then, rather than trying to tell him where Allah is – for a six year old cannot understand that Allah is above having direction, beginning …

My Toddler is Touching His Privates!

In this counseling answer: “I would kindly suggest that when he does touch himself that you do not yell at him, or tell him he is bad. Rather pull his hand away and divert him to another activity such as a toy, a game or other distraction. Ask him if he needs to go to …

Screen Time & Meals: My Biggest Challenges with My 3-Year-Old

Screen Time & Meals: My Biggest Challenges with My 3-Year-Old

In this counseling answer: “Your son sounds like a normal and active 3-year-old who is trying to exert his independence. In sha’ Allah, stick to your rules and boundaries with him and he will pass through this phase just fine.” As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, Thank you for writing to us. It is great that your son is having quality …

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