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5 Tips to Deal with Consumerism

5 Tips to Deal with Consumerism

In the previous part, we talked about Islam’s stance on consumerism. The article explained the general guidelines and the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to spending money. The problem is: it is not enough to educate the reader about the “what” (i.e. whether something is desirable Islamically or not), we need to always provide …


Marriage As a Roller Coaster: Special Tips

Blessings in life are like the autumn, the colors and the breeze are welcomed warmly. One such blessing is the happy marriage. Though, it has been a trend to host a marriage ceremony grandly, but once it is over everything is over. It is a shame that the sparks of the wedding night fade so …

Wearing Hijab in Summer – 5 Useful Tips

The summer months often prove to be an added test to those who adorn hijab. Not only does the weather make a person more inclined to wear less, it also brings new questions from those intrigued by women who cover in the heat. How can sisters find strength during this time?

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Conquer Laziness

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Conquer Laziness

Laziness is a disease of the heart which can paralyze the potential of a person. In the modern era of fast-food, high-speed internet, 4G data on our phones, it’s difficult to live an active lifestyle and beat procrastination. What are some tips from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) on …

Fasting in Summer

Amazing Tips for an Easier Summer Ramadan Fasting

Let’s admit a fact: fasting in Ramadan during summer months is more challenging than when it falls during the winter. Many Muslims feel challenged by fasting Ramadan in the summer months, which will be the case for the ummah for the next ten years…


I Need Tips for Preparing My Kids for Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh, Ramadan Mubarak. There are many challenges that come with training children for Ramadan, and when they are going to school in the non-Muslim environment there are additional challenges that you anticipate facing. There are, however, some ways in which you can make things easier. Like you say, your …


Travel Happily ... Travel Light

It is the end of the summer vacation when everyone wants a final getaway before heading back to university or school. Let’s start packing our bags and leave the crowded and choking city with its hot, heavy, and stifling weather. Let’s go far away and head to a place where there’s a long blue beach …

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