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Those Who Thank Allah

Today we tend to look at what we don’t have and compare it to the blessings we do have and this is wrong. If we count our blessings from Allah, we will never be able to finish.

family serves alcohol

What If My Family Serves Alcohol at Holiday Dinner?

Short Answer: Try asking the host not to serve alcohol, or to let you know before they do so you can leave beforehand. Suggest hosting Thanksgiving (or whatever family event) at your house. Above all else, be kind and gracious, and remember that just as alcohol is forbidden for a Muslim, so is being rude and …


An Islamic Thanksgiving?

In Islam, thanksgiving is not only a particular religious act or service; it is the whole life. The whole life should be lived in obedience to our Ultimate Benefactor, Allah.

Bay County Muslims Donate Thanksgiving Meals

Offering the needy a way to survive, the Muslim community in Panama City have boxed Thanksgiving dinners including turkeys and canned goods to underprivileged families in the Bay County.

Iowa Muslims, Lutherans Donate Thanksgiving Meals

Offering everyone a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday, a group of Cedar Rapids Muslim and Lutheran teens offered thanksgiving meals to people working during the holiday, keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.

Chicago Muslims Give 5000 Thanksgiving Turkey

Offering the needy a way to survive, Chicago Muslim community will be distributing 5,000 free Thanksgiving turkeys to underprivileged families on the South Side, preserving a charity tradition that has been going on for 16 years in the city.

Patience and Thankfulness on the Path to Allah

True patience emanates from the heart and is very much related to the degree of our connection to Allah. When our hearts are connected to Allah, we fully realize that He is in complete control of our affairs.

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