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The Test of Ease

The Test of Ease

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that if God saved me from that tribulation, I would be anything less than a humble, grateful servant of Him. But the exact opposite has happened.

The Story of Prophet Job

The story of Prophet Job is different. Through his story, we are able to view humankind’s struggle on a more personal level. God does not tell us about Job’s methods of preaching or how his people reacted to his warnings and admonitions. God does not tell us about the fate of Job’s people…

Isn't the War in Syria Beyond Syrians' Capacity

Isn't the War in Syria Beyond Syrians' Capacity?!

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so much for sending this valuable question and for contacting Ask About Islam. May Allah reward you abundantly for your humble pursuit of knowledge, and may He bestow wisdom, peace and clarity upon your heart and mind. Your question reflects that there is a lot of mercy in your heart, and …

The Test - A True Story

Why Adam is looking for eternity although he saw no death in the garden? Why he was looking for a kingdom though he has everything in the paradise? It seems strange for him to look for something other than the paradise; however, he forgot the warning of Allah that Iblis is an enemy for him?

I Testify

Anyone who believes in one of the prophets and disbelieves in another has disbelieved in them all and in Allah Who sent each and made them affirm one another.

The Test

Our spirit matures in the face of tests and becomes prepared for bigger challenges, as the bigger the tests and harder the questions are, the more entitled the human is to pass the class and to rise higher in the school of human values and perfection.

Stay Afloat in the Ocean of Life

Now if you think about this life as an ocean, and think about the boat as your heart: as long as that boat stays on top of the water- on top of the ocean (the dunya) and doesn’t let the water in, it’s fine. It stays floating and it is ok. But as soon as that boat allows water into it, that’s when it sinks.

If It Feels Right, It Must Be Right

It is very important to know that God is never unjust to any of His creatures. Doubting His justice may be a great injustice to oneself who has not taken the time to know his Creator.


Why Not Happy?

My friend’s test was hard for her. Whenever she meets me she complains about that one matter. Whenever she sees a baby, tears would flow down from her brown eyes. She strived for different means but all meet failure. Only patience and hope remain.

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