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"Why Are Muslims So Backward?" A Youth Wonders

"Why Are Muslims So Backward?" A Youth Wonders

The other day a young man came to me in the MSA and asked me a very difficult question. Like many people of our generation, he was struggling to make sense of what is happening in the world today; why the Muslim world was always in the news, typically in a negative manner? His question …

What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

If there are so many peace loving, law abiding Muslims then why don’t we hear the moderate* Muslims speaking out against terrorism? And the short answer is: The media is largely ignoring the billions of Muslims speaking out against terrorism in one breath, and then asking, “why don’t we hear from them?” in the next.

US Muslims Question Media Bias in Mass Attack

Within the span of a week, innocent Americans in both New York City and southern Texas faced death and horror at the hands of mass killers.
Almost instantly the news media found its narrative, branding one a “terrorist” and another as a “mentally deranged” madman. The regularity of these horrific events withstanding, the reactions to these scenarios are, sadly, par for the course.

What “ Allahu Akbar ” Really Means

What “Allahu Akbar” Really Means

I’ll never forget the day a US army veteran who had fought in Iraq embraced Islam at my former mosque in New Orleans. He arrived in his full uniform, and was overcome with emotion when he heard the congregation shout “Allahu Akbar” after he uttered the Islamic declaration of faith.

Terrorists Muslim

Why Are Most Terrorists Muslim?

Short Answer: They’re not Muslim. “Crime is perpetrated. If it is perpetrated by anyone who is not a Muslim, it’s called a crime. And if it’s perpetrated by a Muslim, it’s called terrorism. So, it’s just the word that they have changed… Look, we are approximately one and a half to two billion Muslims on the globe. If Islam was actually …

Las Vegas Attack, Muslim Reactions and Media Bias (Folder)

Described as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. modern history, Last Vegas attack left 59 dead and over 500 wounded. 47 weapons were found in locations related to the perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, described by the media as a “lone wolf” attacker. The tragic incident has sent a shock wave of anger and frustration across the USA. …

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