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My Teenager Makes My Life Miserable

In this counseling answer: You and your husband should have a clear plan of action on how you are going to raise your children. •Try to win your son’s heart and become his friends by telling him that you forgive him for his past behavior. •Let him know that no matter what, he can count …


Is It Normal for Mum to Argue About My Father's Family?

In this counseling answer: •You might have to do some little whispers with one of your great smiles or a twinkle in the eye and just show your mother the good things about your father in relation to her. This might melt the ice a little or even enough for her to feel there is …

Son, Demands

Cannot Afford the Demands of Our Teen Son

In this counseling answer: •Children are often the barometer for what’s happening in the family, so if the children are having problems of a social, emotional, or psychological nature, it is often due to something that is not working within the larger family system. •Your husband and you need to be on the same page …

Husband's Sons Are Very Stubborn, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: Stubborn teens is a very common problem facing  most of the parents, the counselor advises the sister that she needs to know that kids’ soul and body belong to Allah, not us, so our job is to just make sure we do our job right, and the rest is in Allah’s hand! The …

Black & American- Islam Gave Me Hope

My Memories - Being Black American Muslim

For African-American folks that are Muslim, we’re little more scattered, so there’s not a community if you will. There have been times over the years where there’s been communities that have been started, but for whatever reason folks chose to go their own ways.

Teen son

How to Deal with My Teen Son?

 In this counseling answer: •You are going to have to start treating your son with all his problems and difficulties as a person who is about to become an adult. •Don’t give him any pocket money without some kind of understanding that he has to earn it in some way. •Try to give him his …

Not Setting a Good Example for My Daughter

 In this counseling answer: •Continue on the path you have started, by introducing Islam slowly and softly in your daughter’s life. •Don’t be too preachy but try to capitalize on the warmth of the mother-daughter relationship to share with her and let her see it for herself. Don’t shove it down her throat, in other …


Sick of My Teen Son

In this counseling answer: •We cannot be sure as to the exact cause of his behavior, but we urge you not to delay in taking action to help him. One such course of action would be to consider having him admitted for psychiatric evaluation over the course of a few days. •We suggest extending the …

moving out

Moving Out Is My Son's Goal

In this counseling answer: •You should do your best to talk him out of it. Do not give him ultimatums, as you might find it difficult to uphold or carry out what you propose to do as a form of discipline. If he insists on moving out, and you feel that he will move out …

How to Boost My Son's Self Confidence?

In this counseling answer: “You can help him develop his confidence by understanding who he is, what he feels and respecting that person who he is, and who he hopes to be.  Help him to understand his strengths and weaknesses and to know that to fail in a task (as we all do) is a …

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