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How to Approach My Disbelieving Children?

In this counseling answer: This sister reverted to Islam recently and she doesn’t know how to deal with her disbelieving children. Therefore, the counselor advises her to not pressure them to believe or even to understand. At this point, the only thing should be to ask them to accept/tolerate and respect. Just have discussions with …


How to Deal with My Teenage Daughter's Attitude?

In this counseling answer: The counselor advised the questioner to begin to set boundaries and consequences. Find out what her interests are, or try to cultivate interests in the Islamic community by getting her engaged in positive youth groups. Ensure she understands what is happening to her body and emotions as going through puberty and young adulthood …

Should I Follow My Choice or My Parents' Will?

As-salamu `alaykum sister, We are pleased that Allah has blessed you and that you have had the benefit of Islam in your life. Al-hamdu lillah, when we come to Islam our past misdeeds are wiped out and the slate is cleared, so do not worry about your sins before Islam. However, it was a practice …


Sex Education: A Part of Parenting?

In this counseling answer: “I suggest that you take the initiative in building some bridges of friendliness with your parents regarding such topics, using humor and hinting that you would like to discuss these things with them. Maybe you could even tell them about your friends’ speaking about such topics with their parents. Maybe you …


My 16 Year Old Daughter Lost Her Virginity, Help!

In this counseling answer: “Perhaps you can discuss alternative activities to her to subdue or divert her passion such as taking up a hobby, engaging in a sport or focusing more on her future and career aspirations. While these suggestions are meant to help divert her needs, they are real needs sister and will not totally go …


My Parents are Closed on Some Subjects

As salamu `alaykum, Brother, my heart goes out to you. You clearly have a strong attraction to this young woman. However, given your current situation, it does sound difficult to marry at this time. From your question, there are appears to be four main factors that lend toward making the situation rather difficult: You live …

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