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Not a Pop Star Leading My Way- Muhammad Does

Not a Pop Star Leading My Way: Muhammad Does

By loving Muhammad and by following his well-documented example, we express our desire to be the best that we can be, to achieve intimacy with God through none other than being complete human beings.

Who Taught Prophet Muhammad

Who Taught Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Who Taught Prophet Muhammad the Quran? This is the question that Sheikh Sohaib Saeed addresses in this episode of the Eternal Challenge series. He refutes allegations that some clergymen taught the Prophet or that he quoted from previous scriptures. The video also discusses prophecies in the Quran. Prophecy is foretold news about any future event. It …


Teacher Swims to School Daily, Has Never Missed a Class (Watch)

Meet Abdul Malik, a 42-year-old mathematics teacher at the Muslim Lower Primary School at Padinjattumuri in Malappuram, Kerala. To avoid the 24-km long journey by road, he has been swimming from his home to the school and back, for over 20 years now. He has never missed a class. Swimming helps him avoid the long road journey, …

Muhammad: A Man Who Excelled in All Roles - 2

Prophet Muhammad excelled in the role of a teacher. He was chosen by God to be the teacher of Muslims and was given the responsibility of reciting and conveying the message to all of humankind. Being a teacher requires special skills. Prophet Muhammad was a teacher under…

Pro-Trump Teacher Assaults Refugee Student

An Arizona teacher has allegedly told a Muslim refugee student that she is excited for his deportation from the United State if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was elected next week.

Prophet Muhammad: The World's Best Teacher

Perhaps one of the greatest qualities that made Prophet Muhammad such a phenomenal teacher is that he led by example. He often lectured to his companions about the Oneness of God Almighty, living a life in accordance with Islam and being mindful of the Hereafter.

How Martial Art led Me to Islam

My journey to Islam, although short, has been a life-altering experience. It is one that with every passing day, makes me more and more appreciative and thankful to Almighty Allah. The extent of His mercy can only fully be understood from the perspective of someone who prostrates themselves regularly and submits their will to that of the Creator.

The Teacher of Mankind

He (peace be upon him) was always thoughtful of others, enquiring after his Companions and asking people about what troubled them. He would occupy himself with people’s concerns and guide them towards solutions to set right their affairs, answering what they asked about and telling them what they needed to know.

Allah Sent Islam to My Very Home

I wrote a letter to my non-Muslim family telling them about my reversion and how it would and wouldn’t change our family relationships.

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