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Mother’s Dedication Inspires 20-Year-Old to Academic Success

Aisha Slaybi was determined that nothing, not bullets, bombs or war, would force her to take her family away from their home in Aleppo until her teenage daughter had graduated from high school. It was May 30, 2014, and in 10 days’ time her daughter, Fatima Alzahraa Alhamam, would have completed eight exams and obtained …

Sweet Chocolate Ends Refugee's Bitter Days

Nearly seven months after arriving in Nova Scotia, a Syrian refugee who was once a successful chocolate maker in Damascus but he lost it all to war has started a tiny shed-turned-factory to pay back to the welcoming community.


Save Aleppo: A Call for Humanity

A woman’s face and clothes are a deathly white from the dust of a building wrecked by an air strike, save for the stream of blood flowing from her head wound. A father’s loving arms hold a young child tightly as yet another family is shaken to its core by the trauma of Syria’s …

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