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Dreaming in Za`atari: Stories after Syria

Dreaming in Za`atari: Stories after Syria

“I want to write stories about the whole world. Then everyone will know my name.” Seven years after the Syrian crisis first began, Dreaming in Za’atari takes you in to the world of teenagers Mahmoud, Tabarak, and Najat. The film, produced and directed by Contrast VR Editorial Lead, Zahra Rasool, explores the three teenagers’ hopes …

Illinois Muslim Students Host Fast-A-Thon for Syria

Illinois Muslim Students Host Fast-A-Thon for Syria

ILLINOIS – Muslim students at the College of DuPage (COD) will host a fast-a-thon event Thursday, March 15, to raise money for Syria and raise awareness about refugee problem. “The concept of a Fast-A-Thon was originally created for colleges and universities across North America to raise awareness about how Muslims fast during the month of …

O Allah, Save Ghouta... Imams Pray for Syria

Unfortunately, more than 500 civilians including 121 children were killed during a week of intense bombardment in Eastern Ghouta. Scholars and imams have called on the Ummah to help and pray for their fellow brothers and sisters. The concern and sadness in these posts remind us of the hadith: “Verily, the believers are like a …

Why Do Innocent People Suffer?

Why Do Innocent People Suffer?

Why do innocent people suffer?
What is the crime of young children caught up in war and chaos?

Humanity starts wars, then asks why God doesn’t stop them.

US Muslims Welcome Trump’s Strike on Assad

A leading American Muslim civil rights groups welcomed on Thursday, April 6, the airstrike on Syrian military facilities by American cruise missiles in response to the recent deadly chemical attack on Syrian civilians that left scores dead and injured.

Imams and Scholars Condemn Syria's Chemical Attack

Imams and Scholars Condemn Syria's Chemical Attack

The horrific crimes against Syrian civilians continue. Images of the victims of yesterday’s chemical attack on northern Syria are appalling. Social media and news outlets aired terrible footages of children choking and dying. Following are reactions by Imams and scholars to this crime against humanity. Read Also: 7-Year-Old …

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet (Infograph)

The Mediterranean Countries are Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and Tunisia.

Lauren Booth Joins Orphans for Umrah Journey of Lifetime

This is the third year of Islamic Help’s annual Umrah For Orphans project. I will be alongside the children and the widowed mothers, many of whom despite hardships and managing large families alone, have also memorized the Holy Qur’an, every step of the way.

How was the Prophet’s Childhood?

After the monk told Abu Talib that Muhammad was the awaited Prophet foretold in the Bible, he cautioned Abu Talib against some of the dangers that his nephew could face and advised Abu Talib to protect his nephew well. Upon this warning, Abu Talib ended his journey and returned to Makkah.

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