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Sweden Elects First Muslim Woman to Parliament

Laila Ali Elmi is the second Somali-Swedish Muslim to serve in the parliament ANGERED, Sweden – Somali-Swedish politician Laila Ali Elmi has become the first East African Muslim woman  to be elected to the Swedish National Parliament, the Riksdag. “I come from a suburb and grew up in a suburb, the issue that matters to …

Sweden Muslim Woman Who Refused Handshake Wins Case

STOCKHOLM – A Swedish court has ruled that a Muslim woman who was denied a job after refusing a handshake with a male employer was discriminated against, ordering the company to pay compensation. “The Labor Court has concluded that the woman’s refusal to shake the hand of the opposite sex is such a religious manifestation …

Sweden Team Goalie Converts to Islam

STOCKHOLM – The goalkeeper for Sweden national team under 19, Ronja Andersson, has converted to Islam, after years of studying the religion. “I’m proud to be a Muslim,” she said in an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Expressen.se reported. Andersson, a member of the Uppsala Women’s Football team, said she was first introduced to Islam when …

Muslims Allowed to Raise Adhan in Southern Sweden

STOCKHOLM – The local Muslim community in the southern Swedish town of Vaxjö has been allowed to broadcast the call to prayer, or adhan, Anadolu Agency reported Tuesday. Police in the city of Vaxjo gave the permission for Friday prayer, according to radio SR. Fredrik Modeus, district bishop, has welcomed the decision in a statement, …

Bomb Hits Swedish Mosque in Hate Crime

Swedish police launched an investigation into the bomb attack targeting a Swedish mosque on Monday, treating it as a hate attack against the Muslim minority.

Scandinavia’s Largest Mosque Opens in Malmo

The largest mosque in Scandinavia opened on Wednesday, May 3, offering Muslims, people with special needs, women and children facilities to practice their faith and perform prayers, Qatar News Agency reported.

Hate Group Targets Swedish Muslim School

An Islamic school in Vällingby district in the western part of Stockholm Municipality has accused a far-right group of targeting its facility with hateful posters, spreading fears among young pupils.

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