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Sweden Cracks Down on Religious Schools

STOCKHOLM – The Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin has announced plans to ban what he described as “sexist religious groups who are against gender equality” from running schools. “Those who don’t support fundamental values around equality and human rights should be stopped from running free schools in Sweden,” the Minister wrote in an article in …

Swedish Mosque Faces Fine Over Adhan

Växjö – A Swedish mosque is under heavy pressure, as neighbors have now reported to police, complaining against its airing Adhan, call to prayer, from its minarets. “We didn’t think we needed to apply for a new permit because we got one in 2014,” Imam Ismail Abu Helal told Swedish Radio, Sputnik News reported. The Muslim Foundation in the …

Swedish Church Supports Muslims’ Adhan

STOCKHOLM – A local Muslim community’s plea to the southern Swedish town of Vaxjö to allow them to broadcast the call to prayer, or adhan, found an unlikely supporter in the local church. “[I’m] looking forward to [hearing] the Muslim adhan,” said Bishop Fredrik Modeus, speaking on behalf of the church, Daily Sabah reported Wednesday. …

Neo-Nazis Vandalize Stockholm Mosque, Again

As the country faces a surge in neo-Nazi attacks, Stockholm mosque was vandalized again after unknown vandals spray-painted swastikas on the façade and front doors on Friday.

Bomb Hits Swedish Mosque in Hate Crime

Swedish police launched an investigation into the bomb attack targeting a Swedish mosque on Monday, treating it as a hate attack against the Muslim minority.

Scandinavia’s Largest Mosque Opens in Malmo

The largest mosque in Scandinavia opened on Wednesday, May 3, offering Muslims, people with special needs, women and children facilities to practice their faith and perform prayers, Qatar News Agency reported.

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