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Herbal Doctrine of Signatures

It was reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah never inflicts a disease unless he makes a cure for it. …” Then surely, if this were true, Allah would have also provided a way for these cures to be known. According to the Doctrine of Signatures He (SWT) has.

Dagestani Muslims

Patient? Know How to Fast

Ramadan is the month which signifies self-reform and abstention from one’s basic desires which in particular helps to understand ourselves in terms of patience, tolerance and our threshold levels from the worldly desires.

Human Cloning

Devilish Human Cloning for Islam?

Human cloning is a topic charged with mortal dread and excited fascination in any setting, be it scientific, religious, political, or social.

Germline Gene Therapy (GGT)

Engineering Babies in Muslim Eyes

Al -‘Alim (The All-Knowing) is one of the 99 names of Allah found in the Qur’an. However, some modern scientists seem to want to append this title to their own names with a new form of procreation called “germ-line therapy” or “Ooplasmic transfer.”


Mountains as Stabilizers for Earth

“And by the mountains He (Allah) has stabilized it (the Earth)*, as a matter of convenience for you (mankind) and for your cattle*”. (Surat An-Nazi’at: 32,33).


Sats: Benefits of Astronomy for Humankind (Infograph)

Viewing space missions as luxurious and unnecessary waste of time, money, and effort is an uninformed point of view which is unaware that space agencies invest money in space projects which are designed to perfectly deal with major global problems and finding answers for them.

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