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Participants hold hands during "Hands Around the Mosque" event held outside the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Love Rings Protect Mosque in California

Disappointed by rising anti-Muslim sentiments, hundreds of South Bay residents turned out at a Santa Clara mosque, California, forming love rings to express solidarity with their Muslims coworkers, neighbors and colleagues.

Islam gives us a sense of purpose in life. We know why we were created; to worship Allah alone; we pray, supplicate, fast, read Quran, Seerah, Fiqh etc. while growing in spirituality.

How Does Islam Make Us Strong?

As we grow in spirituality, Islam also gives us the advantage to grow mentally through “worldly” knowledge like humanities, social, natural and formal sciences. We are encouraged to learn how the world functions around us…

Churches, Synagogue Welcome Texas Mosque Members

Churches, Synagogue Welcome Texas Mosque Members

In a heartwarming demonstration of solidarity, four churches and a synagogue have offered the use of their own houses of worship for the displaced members of a Texas mosque that was burnt down in Victoria in the US state of Texas, one week after the inauguration of President Trump.


Traumatic Childbirths: Where Do We Go Wrong?

Read part one Mother who come out of traumatic childbirths often experience depression, but there is a greater evil to this dimension of emotions. As a Childbirth Educator and Birth Advocate, I’ve met mothers who: – Are unable to connect to their babies, and this problem can become prolonged to the point they build extremely …

Kansas Holds Love Rally to Support Muslims

Kansas Holds Love Rally to Support Muslims

Responding to Muslims cry for support, residents of a Kansas city held a love rally last week to show support to their Muslim neighbors who were fearful after a foiled bomb plot targeted them.

The person that recognizes your fulfillment and is happy for you is the first person in your support team and a very important one.

Build a Support Team

Instead of worrying about not knowing how to behave, use each invitation as an opportunity to learn. Occasionally you will come across Muslims that are so excited about your new found happiness that they want you to understand everything very quickly.

As a new Muslim, you will face many challenges, most of which will have been faced by others who have trodden the same path before you.

Tips for New Muslims to Overcome Isolation

The community needs to take a good look at the religion they are following and see what lessons it can take in relation to the lessons it gives about welcoming new Muslims from whatever background they come from, and not just on the day they convert.

You can be the change you wish to see in the world and in your life. Just make du’a to Allah and seek the means. Be proactive to change your sidelined situation in Ramadan and beyond.

Be Proactive: Say Goodbye to Ramadan Loneliness

Think proactively. Ask yourself, who at the local mosque seems to be the most well-loved? Take note of what the most loved and sought-after people are doing at the mosque. They are usually the ones who bring food to break the fast.

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