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Arizona Senator Defends Abused Muslim Opponent

Deedra Abboud, an Arizona 45-year-old Muslim attorney who is running for senate, has received unexpected support from her incumbent Republican opponent, after becoming victim to repeated racial online abuse.

Nottinham Mosque Window Smashed in Hate Attack

In the latest episode of a series of attacks targeting mosques in the west, a window in a Radford, Nottingham, mosque has been smashed as worshippers prayed inside, an attack which sparked support from the larger community.

Are We Giving New Muslims Their Rights?

Are We Giving New Muslims Their Rights?

Why are many new Muslims not able to continue as practicing Muslims a few months after accepting Islam? Do they get the support they need after declaring their faith? Or are they soon neglected?

Minnesotans Voice Support in Muslim Day

Celebrating the 13th annual Muslim Day at Minnesota state Capitol, hundreds of Minnesotans gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol Wednesday, March 29, voicing their support to Muslims and refugees.

3 Steps to Protecting New Muslims from Extremism

The challenge of extremism is widespread, complex and difficult. However, if we aim to work for the wellbeing of our community and to be inspired by a Prophet who was described as a mercy to all of mankind, we must address this topic.

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