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How Does Islam View Failure and Success

How Does Islam View Failure and Success?

Salam Dear Muhammad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Islam is a revolution. The first thing about a revolution is that it sets up new definitions, concepts and criterions to make the life of people better, easier and brighter. Thus, Islam concerns itself with introducing definitions to every term and concept. …

Blessed Success

Do not forget that life is one big test. Just like it is necessary for you to pass your tests at school, you are going to have to pass that big test as well. That exam is as long as your life and the results only come out at the very end…

A True Story of Repentance (Watch)

This is a true story about a young man named Malik. Even though he was a Muslim, he thought that life is all about satisfying his desires as much as possible. As a result he felt extreme pleasure in committing many sins, he drank, he stole, and even committed…

Inner Balance

You should keep an open mind and be ready for the unexpected. Be prepared for the demands you might have to face. The best kind of success is where you are able to see what you achieve as being the best there is in life. This gives you an inner safeguard from the unforeseen obstacles that might get in your way.

6 Tips for Making Daily Prayer a Habit

At the end of the day, tick of which prayers you have successfully completed and which you missed. This will help you develop an understanding for which prayer time you struggle most with, as this can differ from person to person depending on their daily schedules.

Do Not Despair: Islam Tells What Success Really Is

Always work to improve your own understanding of Islam to avoid falling into the waylay trap of the “contemporary” thought and definition of success. Those who seek knowledge on the path of Allah with sincere intentions, Allah will safeguard and preserve them in their deen.

Curse of the Modern Mindset of Success

While this mindset perpetuates and infiltrates the next generation, it is unfortunately normal for new Muslims to observe many of their Muslim peers define success the same way a non-Muslim would define success.

Canadian Muslim Named in Forbes 30 Under 30 List

A Canadian Muslim graduate of University of Mississauga has been named in ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ list in the Social Entrepreneurs category in recognition of his successful approach to help locals and developing countries cultivate insects for food and profit.

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